Cars, indicators and double yellow lines...

Seriously, drivers? Is there something difficult about this?

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So i use public transport. Not for any philisophical reasons, i’m just cheap and dont have to travel far. But the past today has been the worst I have ever seen for retarded, outright dont-give-a-fuck drivers seemingly doing everything they can to piss off everyone else.

The bus journey I was on took over an hour for what was normally a 10min journey.


In that time, the bus was hit by two cars. One that changed lanes without signalling and bounced off the front of the bus... the second that thought pulling out from a side road to shoot the gap was a great idea.

other highlights include the dick driver coming up the wrong way of a one way road and then asking the bus driver to back up because he’d ‘come too far to turn back’.... oh and the idiot taxi driver parked on double yellows whilst he waited, block half of one of the busiest 2-lane roads in the city.


Then there was the double yellow parker in the city centre itself completely blocking a side road access whilst he had a haircut. (We could see him in the barbershop as he gestured to the busdriver to wait!)

And lets not ignore the ambulance stuck beside the bus as we gingerly edged past ANOTHER asshole whose parking skills left a lot to be desired as he had at nearly 30inches of car sticking outside of the bay, making it near impossible for any large vehicle to get past.


Holy hell, people!

On an average, I will encounter at least one of the above situations but today really took the goddamn biscuit.

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